30 August 2010

Online advertising and Grabbing Their Attention

Today it is easy to create marketing material and put it out there. The real question is does it work, are you reaching your target market? The truest form of advertising today is search advertising. This is because no one goes onto Google ( Usually anyway ) and types in Hotel Montreal unless they are looking to book a hotel to stay in Montreal and so search is pure.

7 September 2010

So What is an SEO Friendly Website?

Hello everyone and welcome to September, what we over here at Nexonta Technologies Inc consider to be the beginning of the business cycle right up until June of 2011 when things start to slow down again for the summer. This blog is to put certain conflicting facts about why it is important to have an SEO friendly website right from the design stage all the way to the site launch.

9 September 2010

Everything You Ever Wanted To know About Links! Next Blog!

It's a proven fact: link building is absolutely vital to creating a thriving, cash-generating website today.Why? Because Google and most other search engines reward sites with quality inbound links by placing them higher up in search engine listings - and that means more traffic, more customers and more revenue for your business. 

13 September 2010

Google Sandbox How to use it to your advantage!

Trust is an important part of any business relationship. There are some sites on the internet that are trusted more than others. Links from these sites are seen as more trustworthy by the search engine, and can help boost page rank quickly.  Ideally, you should try for a trifecta by seeking out relevant links from sites owned by recognized authorities

13 September 2010

Basic Website Construction!

Where to Use Keywords For Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Keywords are, simply put, the SEO fuel. All the efforts put in to fine-tune your website for top rankings on Search Engines will not pay-off if the targeted keyword is not right. The key here is to use most relevant and important keywords in different parts of the website.

17 September 2010

The Importance of Website Structure!

Essential SEO: How to optimize your site structureKeyword research can do more than find you profitable keywords to target. With Wordtracker's Keywords Tool you can also plan a site structure optimized for search engines. In an extract from his book, Wordtracker Masterclass: Keyword Research, Mark Nunney explains how. 

18 September 2010

Coming Soon How it all ties Together! Search Engine Optimization

On Page Optimization:• Meta Data: Meta data is information that is found within each web page. The main meta data fields used are page title, description and keywords.• Page Copy: How copy is written for your website can also affect the performance of your site within search engines, this includes headings and formatting

11 April 2019

The SEO Process!

Keep in mind that Google is interested in providing the best and most current and accurate information available for it's users and so it is important that when hiring on a website development company that they pay special attention to practices like high keyword density as it can, on some search engines, trigger spam filters, which may result in a penalty for your site's ranking.

24 September 2010

This is nice!

Thank you for the incredible website you company built for me. Looking forward to a successful business relationship

27 September 2010

How Search Engines Work!

SEO is not an exact science and there is Eb and flow in the search algorithm. The query software doesn't actually search the web - instead, it checks through all the records that have been created by its own index software. And those records are made possible by the text, links and URL material the spider software collects stores and organizes.