15 March 2021

Covid-19 has created the new frontier.

In a National News article – the Covid-19 pandemic may result in a cumulative global gross domestic product loss of $16 trillion through 2025, according to research from Australian National University.  This worst-case scenario forecasts waves of the pandemic to keep on emerging until 2025 and countries that enforced movement restrictions to curb its spread, eschewing shutdowns during future outbreaks.

The UN’s trade and development agency said “Apart from the tragic human consequences of the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic, the economic uncertainty it has sparked will likely cost the global economy $1 trillion in 2020”. Keep in mind we are all in this together.

The SARS-CoV-2 (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2) pandemic is the greatest threat to prosperity and well-being the US has encountered since the Great Depression. This Viewpoint aggregates mortality, morbidity, mental health conditions, and direct economic losses to estimate the total cost of the pandemic in the US on the optimistic assumption that it will be substantially contained by the fall of 2021. These costs are similar to those associated with global climate change.

Since the onset of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in March, in the US 60 million claims have been filed for unemployment insurance. Before COVID-19, the greatest number of weekly new unemployment insurance claims (based on data from 1967 on) was 695 000 in the week of October 2, 1982. For 20 weeks beginning in late March 2020, new unemployment claims exceeded 1 million per week; as of September 20, new claims have been just below that amount.

The high costs of COVID-19 are evident in lost jobs, dramatic falls in GDP growth, compromised schooling, shuttered restaurants, and much more. Some of these losses will be recovered over time, some will not. The human costs of the pandemic—above and beyond the gruesome death toll—are much more difficult to assess.

As March 14, 2021 the total worldwide covid cases are 120 Million, Recovered are 67.8 Million and Deaths are 2.65 Million.

If you are reading this blog you like us are probably waiting for the vaccine to reach 80% so that we can resume some sort of new normal. It is fairly clear to see that the Covid-19 virus has affected every corner of the world and life as we know it for future generations. In approximately one year, our world has changed completely. Most people are already getting things in motion, to get back into the swing of things, but there are many individuals who were running small businesses and intending on starting or restarting their businesses and they are wondering just where to start and what the economic landscape will look like once most of the world has been vaccinated. The key though is we should go ahead and start something and see where it goes. There has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur than today it is truly the best time in recent history to build something truly great.

The key is to stay on message and also to build green with the environment at top of mind. Money is important and it is important to make a profit for your endeavours, however, it is equally important to have a purpose and a cause in order to build a better world. It is important that we focus on sustainability and growth for not only your company but for humanity. The big question is where to start, and the answer to that question is to just start. There are endless opportunities in today economy with little barriers to entry in most industries. Literally now would be the time to start anything and as long as you are willing to work long and hard at it to bring your dream into reality.

If I learned anything from the past year it’s that life is a delicate balance and at any time circumstances can change and take away any security from us that we thought we had. This is an opportunity to start over and do things different this time. I can’t say that much has changed for us over here at Nexonta Technologies Inc. as we have always been about building a really solid foundation and working with people who you truly consider family. Find something you love and people you love working with and do it. The money will come. At the end of the day, if you enjoy what you are doing the next time something like Covid 19 happens, it will just feel like a bit of turbulence rather than a full-on life altering explosion.

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The human costs of the pandemic: Is it time to prioritize well-being?