4 October 2010

Staying The Course!

Over the past few blogs we have tried to give our clients and readers a good understanding of SEO and online marketing and judging from the response from both clients and readers it would seem that they are understanding how it all comes together. Here at Nexonta Technologies Inc we are consultants and marketers. Marketing is on the rise again following three years of economic down turn and it is the leading spend for allot of companies revenue today. I try to explain to clients that you cannot just create a website and expect to appear on the first page tomorrow. No matter how well optimized your site is and how clean the code is. If fact Google prefers older trusted domains which have been around for a while and have shown some sort of consistence. Google regards these domains as steady companies doing steady business or providing reputable information to it’s users which is Google’s goal to provide the best and most current information to it’s users.

However if you are a relatively new company entering the online marketing game rest assured that with a well designed and laid out website and properly optimized for Google you can count on being recognized and positioned in the Google search results under your desired keywords or keyword phrases. Remember after your site has been properly created and mapped out for success it is up to you and your SEO service provider to devise a plan for further SEO including Links, Adwords, Adsence, Blogging, and doing on going updates to your website. Also keep in mind Google does not understand that wonder full name you came up with at the cottage last summer while drinking with the in laws and so if the of your company is “supernova Systems” I suggest you also register a domain that Google and the rest of us will understand what your company actually does.

It is also important to remember to stay the course as even if your relatively new domain does not show up in the search results it is usually just a question of making a few adjustments to the code or content or adding links to start to get your site indexed by Google. As with Online marketing each journey starts with one single step and the more you keep optimizing your site the more you will start to understand how the whole process works. Keep in mind that this is a relatively new industry to everyone in the business even the so called experts and truly the only ones who know perfect SEO or Search Engine Optimization is Google. So once again we suggest starting with a well programmed site which show cases you service or product and make sure all of the fundamentals are there and then start your Online education as there is allot to learn but if you get it right it could be a virtual windfall for your revenue stream.
Bite off more than you can chew, then chew it. – Ella Williams

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