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Professional Search Engine Optimization


At Nexonta we create a program which starts with submitting your website right, optimizing according to budget or achieving a good rank for a certain word, term or phrase - key words are words or phrases that relate to your type of business. Nexonta provides exposure to your company and the products that you have available to tens of millions of online customers every day who are searching for products or services on sites beyond Google.


Web Hosting and Domain Registration


As part of our turnkey services, we offer domain registration and hosting for our clients at competitive rates. Our hosting and domain services have been carefully created to ensure compatibility with our CMS and SEO needs. While we can work with your existing hosting systems, we do highly recommend our own services to ensure you get the maximum return on your investment.


Custom Landing Pages


An important part of SEO is making sure that people can find you using keywords relevant to your company. Part of being able to get these hits is by registering domain names that contain these desired keywords. Once you register a domain name, to make sure that the search engines find your domain, you have to create what's called a landing page. A landing page is a modified template of your website and contains text that is specially structured and worded in such a way that certain keywords will be picked up by the search engines. By creating landing pages, you increase the chances that someone will land on your new domain. The landing page then offers menu links that link back to the appropriate pages on your corporate website.


Manual Link Submission


Major search engines rank websites based on one-way inbound links. Inbound links are only worth ranking points when the sites linking to your site have a ranking over a certain level. With our link submission service, we have a dedicated team manually creating inbound links to your site from relevant sources. If you are interested in SEO for your corporate website, you need to ask our team about our link submission services.


Clean Template Design and Programming

Professional basic template design is an absolute must. Your website is often the face of your company, the first thing a potential client will see, the first impression a potential client will have of your organization. A clean, organized site is key in showing that you are a serious, professional company. Our professional templates also ensure that the code behind the graphics are clean and SEO friendly. As part of the design process we take down your preferences for color, themes and style and use that information to make a design that suits your specific needs. With some of the best graphic designers in the business you're sure to get a design that reflects your company image.


Professional Logo Design


Available as an option in the basic web package is basic logo design. This is extremely helpful for companies just starting out. Logo design is extremely important for personalizing your company and starting a brand for yourself. A clean, professional logo helps customers understand who you are and helps customers understand your company image. 


Multilingual CMS Websites


A Content Management System (also referred to as CMS) gives you the ability to control your own website. Our CMS is a custom tool not available anywhere else on the market. Our CMS has taken ten years to develop and has been proven and polished in real-world projects during that time. If you can use Facebook or MySpace, with our system you can manage the sections, sub sections and even edit live, published text. With just a few clicks, you can remove or add new sections and sub sections and publish your changes live on your site within seconds. You have the ability to manage all of the text by using our WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. Because our system was developed in the unique bilingual environment of Canada, it was made with bilingual functionality in mind. Our system has the unique ability to quickly and easily manage content in multiple languages. Our system will not only build each page in every desired language but will create unique URL addresses for each page in each language of your choice. Also available is an optional blog module which serves to not only update your visitors on your latest news but is also invaluable as an SEO tool.


Blog Option (available with CMS)


With a blog page you can keep your clients up-to-date on what your company is doing. Updating a blog page also helps with SEO and getting you to the top of your search results faster. With an optional comment system you can find out what your clients and site guests think of your statements. We offer blog pages with or without service contracts. A service contract is the easiest way for you to let your clients know what's happening with your company: one of our SEO experts will call you twice a month and speak to you about your company and use your conversation to write new blog entries. If you're concerned about your site's SEO, you need to ask us about our blog options.


Internet Marketing


Let us design an effective internet marketing campaign that helps your company reach out to many potential buyers for a small budget. Internet marketing is a great way for company to introduce its product and services to a new audience base. We will target an internet campaign that helps you get great exposure to your markets that are highly cost effective. We can set up banner ads to run on various websites or send out email blasts to double opt in subscription lists. Both options can be setup and implemented in a short time frame for a small budget.


Social Media


Social Media is a greatly become a way to reach out to your potential clients. We can help you gain a presence on social applications like Facebook, LinkedIn, Craigslist, Kijijji, Twitter. It's a great way to once again create brand awareness for your business. All these sources to reach out to purchasers are growing exponentially. Let us help work on your corporate branding. We can also set up targeted Google pay per click advertising campaigns for your key services. This is also a great way to reach potential buyers for a cost effective budget.


Augmented Reality Functionality APP's


We are always interested in new technologies as well as new functionality, we call these event APP's with built in Augmented Reality Functionality for these technologies. We have partnered up with a firm which is involved in Augmented Reality for outdoor events. Our goal when it comes to Augmented Reality is to take the tech experience offline so that end users attending world class events are able to experience applications in real time and enhance their overall user experiences whether it be running a marathon like the Boston marathon or attending a music festival like Cochella or local street festival like Toronto's Caribana. We enable our organizers to connect with attendees in real time throughout these great events. It all starts with designing an APP for the event organization which can grow with the event year after year and as the event grows so does the APP along with the ability to add different Augmented Reality features to the APP for different direct marketing campaigns on the Android and iOS phone systems.


Full HD Video Production Services


Many internet marketing videos are made in home based environments, however businesses can also use internet videos for the purpose of interacting with the audience. There are two main types of internet marketing videos: transactional videos, aiming to sell a product to a customer, and reference videos, aiming to keep the customer on the website. Video content is being used in an ever growing range of contexts on websites. There are testimonial videos, web presenter videos, help section videos, interviews, parodies, product demonstrations, training videos, thank you videos and apology videos. We also produce Corporate video production which cover a wide range of purposes from Corporate Communication, Training and Education, videotaping conferences and conventions, products and services, festivals, big events and sales videos. Statistics have shown that more people are spending time on YouTube than they are watching television and this tells us that video is becoming more and more important to small, medium and large organizations reaching their target audience.

Static Website starting from $1000

WordPress or Joomla Content Management System starting from $1200

Custom Content Management Systems starting from $1600

Custom Shopping Carts starting from $2500

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services starting from $500 a month

Augmented Realty Functionality APP's

Full HD Video Production Services