4 August 2019

This blog is the first instalment of an 8-week Video Online Marketing Series

One of the purposes behind using video in social media is to impact viewers, followers and subscribers. However, it’s the followers and subscribers who have the most influence when it comes to expanding the brand. These are the people who are more likely to share engaging content.

Consumers like video because it’s easy to digest, entertaining and engaging, and marketers like it because it can give a potentially huge return on investment (ROI) through many channels. Video is also very accessible to anyone with internet access, both to watch and to produce.  Have you ever wanted to create a promotional video? Video content, after all, can be used in so many ways, from social media posts and advertisements to emails and marketing sites. But how do you go from “wanting to create a video” to actually scripting and producing one? Seems complicated, right?
It’s actually pretty simple!

No matter the company, budget, or reason for the video, there’s a pretty basic format every video follows, from first idea to final cut. Below I’ve outlined the 8 steps, which I hope will help to get your video idea out of your head and onto your audience’s screens! Over the next 8 weeks we will be examining each step to creating online video marketing ads for Facebook, You Tube and Instagram. This blog series is based on an article by Annie MacGuire on December 19, 2016 for the Startup for Medium.

Following are the 8 Steps to completing quality online video content for your small to medium sized business.

Step 1: Identify your goal. …
Step 2: Choose a direction. …
Step 3: Set the tone. …
Step 4: Decide on duration. …
Step 5: Choose a video style. …
Step 6: Outline the idea. …
Step 7: Write the script…
Step 8: Storyboard

Step 1: Identify your goal
Before you sit down to script out your video, you’ll want to take a step back and consider why you want to create a video in the first place. Videos can be expensive to produce, so it’s important to get crystal clear on your goals before you start writing dialogue.

For example: perhaps you’re a new company and you want a video that introduces your brand/mission to web visitors. Or perhaps you have a new product line that needs further explanation to prospective buyers. Maybe you’re just running a sale and need a video that pushes people to take action.

Here are some common reasons many companies create promotional videos:
• Brand awareness
• Drive sales
• Drive traffic
• Increase customer engagement
• Educate customers

One thing to note: if you have multiple goals, you may want to consider creating multiple videos. The more goals (or ideas) you try to cram into one video (especially a short one) the more likely you’ll complicate the script and confuse your audience. If you have multiple goals, you may want to consider creating multiple videos. Once you’ve identified why you want to create a video, it’s time to start looking at potential directions for how you could bring your video to life. Video is the future of marketing not only for small businesses but for medium and large businesses. The more your audience is able to connect with your message the higher the chance you have to converting them to clients.

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