18 August 2019

Third Instalment of the Video Blog

Step 3: Set the tone
Creating and editing video is not a cumbersome process anymore. But, what matters is the Video Content. Video Content is the basic and important part of your video. Getting a huge number of viewers on your video depends on the video content and is a challenging task. In most cases, if the video is way too long, then you can expect that viewers will consistently drop off. Any of your videos is judged by its contents, presentation, production quality, style, and the valuable information it provides. All these factors are essential to maintaining the audience’s attention. Here are some video production tips that will help you out to improve the production quality of your video marketing content to boost it up.

Stay Original
The concept on which your video is based must be innovative and original. Never go for the easy routes and never copy anyone’s idea. You must, rather, conduct keyword and personal research to find out what is popular and successful in your industry and which type of video content is famous. You must double-check everything to ensure that no other brand has covered the same topic already.

Tone is defined as “the general character or attitude” of something. But to make it simple, you can just think of it as how your video is going to make your audience feel.
For example, do you want to make your audience laugh or do you want them to be moved? Do you want them to feel informed, or do you want to tell them a story?
Keep in mind, the creative direction (chosen in Step 2) should play well with whatever tone you decide to go with. For example, if you decide to create an “introductory” style video for your homepage hero, it probably doesn’t make sense to use an “urgent” tone, as that’s best for things like a sale.
(Of course, pairing a particular creative direction with an unexpected tone isn’t necessarily a bad thing — it just comes down to proper execution).

Below are some various tones you can explore for your concept and creative direction:
Dramatic — moves you emotionally.
Straightforward/informative — clear and concise.
Conversational—casual and authentic.
Urgent— urges you to take action, like now.
Fun/playful —uses fun creative devices (like anthropomorphism, for example).
Humorous — comedic; makes you laugh or smile.
Quirky — uses peculiarity or the unexpected to drive home a point.
Cutesy— something that makes you go, “awww!”.
Entertaining — aims to inform and entertain. Super Bowl ads typically fall under this category.
Inspirational —uses inspiration to drive action (manifestos are typically done in this style).
Artsy /hip/cool— feels youthful, stylish, trendy, etc.
Luxurious — shiny, fancy, flashy, sexy, rich. Think luxe car commercials, high-end hotel chains, etc.

There are certainly many more tones and directions you can explore, but hopefully this gives you some ideas as to how your video may come to life.