23 December 2019

Promo Video Blog

Today, video is where it’s at,  to help capture visitors attention and Promo provides an extremely cost effective way for your team to start experimenting with video promotion in order to attact web traffic. Promo is dedicated to empowering their customers to promote anything with videos. Promo believes that businesses of all sizes should be able to promote their vision without limits. That’s why they work hard to provide all of the creative assets and tools needed to promote effectively.
In 2012, Promo started as a slideshow company (Slidely) that helped over 200M people create, discover, and share slideshows and visuals. In Summer 2016, they launched Promo in order to disrupt the way businesses create videos. The hyper revenue growth that we experienced proved that we were on the precipice of something BIG. Promo quickly became the leader in its field. So, we evolved our brand to focus greater effort on Promo and rebranded accordingly. As of 2019, the are now just Promo.com.

What’s going on today
Promo is proud to serve tens of thousands of paying customers globally. Being Facebook and Instagram Marketing Partners, and YouTube Video Creative Partners, allows them to keep their fingers on the pulse of digital media best practices and help their customers win with visual content marketing. With a growing collection of services and tools and a strong creative team, Promo is going to change the way businesses promote online.

How does Promo.com work?
Promo.com has everything you need in an online video maker. High-quality professional video clips, royalty-free music, customizable video templates, and more.

Promo.com is easy, instant, and produces awesome results at an affordable price. It’s also fun to use!
What video sizes can I create with Promo.com?

With Promo.com you can create:
• Horizontal videos
• Vertical videos
• Square videos
• Banner videos

Will videos have a watermark or Promo.com mention?
Videos you download are yours and do not have a watermark or Promo.com mention.

Can I use the video after my subscription is over?
Yes. The videos you download are yours forever.
Where can I use the videos I create?
You can post, publish, upload, and share your videos on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social networks, websites or blogs, as much as you want.

Are you hosting the videos or can I download the file?
Both. After you created and customized your videos, you can download them (if you are a Promo.com subscriber). A downloaded Promo.com video is your property and comes with a lifetime license for unlimited sharing. If you prefer, you can share a link to a public version of your video, once it’s published.
What languages does Promo.com support?
With Promo.com, you can create videos in every language. Some fonts have limited support for special characters, but all languages are supported.
Do you provide photos that I can use?
100% yes! Promo provides over 1.4 Million photos in their FREE image library. There are no limits to how often you can use these images.
What kind of videos can I create with Promo.com?
There’s no limit to the type of videos you can create with Promo.com. Our users have created:
• Marketing Videos
• Promo Videos
• Video Ads
• Social Media Videos
• Facebook & Instagram Stories
• YouTube Ads
• Product videos
• Explainer videos
• Event Advertisements
• Intro videos

• Businesses
• Real Estate
• Marketing
• Travel
• E-commerce
• Recruiting & HR

Special Dates
• Black Friday & Cyber Monday
• Thanksgiving
• Christmas
• New Years Eve

For all of your online video marketing needs please call us at 1-877-570-2284 or email us at marketing@nexonta.com

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